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Detailed Study Information

This study is aimed at understanding the neurological basis of vocal changes due to depression.  Imaging studies of various kinds have shown there are changes in the brain associated with neurological disorders such as depression. There are also studies showing that voice, not what a person says, but how they say it, can act as a biomarker for a neurological disorder (we're studying depression).  

If you choose to enroll, we'd ask you some basic survey questions (1-2 hrs, $15/hr) Depending on the results and the needs of the study, we'll invite you back for the brain imaging portion of the study (2.5 hrs, $30/hr). Then, over the course of the year, we'd ask you back for an additional 3 MRI visits (one every 3 months) where we'd do similar surveys and brain imaging. In between imaging visits, we'd ask you participate in a mobile app we have that takes <5 minutes per day.

Requirements include:
1) Fluency in speaking/reading English
2) MRI compatible (no non-removeable metal inside or out).

For the safety and protection of all research volunteers, MIT's Insitutional Review Board under the Comittee for the Use of Experimental Subjects oversees all proposed and active research programs (  The approved study consent forms are below.

If interested in participating and are in the Boston area:

Please complete this form and we will respond to you if you meet our study criteria:

MRI Compatible Safety Checklist


IRB Consent Forms



Brain Viewer

As a thank you for participating in the MRI, we provide volunteers a CD with their brain scan.

PC users:  a viewing tool as an EXE file should be on the cd.  Double click if autostart doesn't not begin the program.

MAC users:  Go to Apple downloads page:  search for Osirix.  Company website:

Linux/Ubuntu users:  

- Download through the Ubuntu Software Center. Then, Open> Navigate to the deepest level of the /dicom folder, change the file type to "any files", and select a file to view your brain! We recommend picking an image file halfway down the list to see a good slice.